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  • Do you need help with your internet marketing? Is building traffic to your website and converting that traffic important to you?
  • Yes we can kill it when it comes to internet marketing. Areas of expertise: SEO, SEM, PPC (ADWORDS & FACEBOOK), SOCIAL MEDIA, CRO.
  • Communication is important between our clients and us. 80% of our job is reaching our goals, the other 20% is making sure you understand how we are meeting your expectations.






THE BEGINNING – If you have any hopes of ranking in the search engines organically you need to make sure your ONSITE SEO is spot on. Which code you use to display the content of your website dictates how search engines rank your site. This is why an onsite SEO audit is the step we perform with new SEO clients. After we perform our SEO audit we will deliver and actional plan to implement that will fix your issues. If you like our developers can implement the changes or we can communicate with your web developer so they can implement the necessary changes.



SEO plans make make budgeting for you marketing much easier. If you have specific needs we can modify one of our seo plans to fit you. Our SEO pricing plans allow you to get an idea about just what is covered with a monthly SEO plan. For many companies they have someone handling their website and for this situation we suggest an SEO ROAD MAP. With and SEO ROAD MAP you will pick through what you’ve been doing and create a strategic plan for you. With these road maps we will meed again in 3 to 6 months and see how the plan has worked for you and then reevaluate the plan.


10 Keywords20 Keywords30 Keywords
Reporting & SoftwareReporting & SoftwareReporting & Software
Monthly ReportingMonthly ReportingMonthly Reporting
Keyword GenerationKeyword GenerationKeyword Generation
Keyword MappingKeyword MappingKeyword Mapping
Reporting & SoftwareReporting & SoftwareReporting & Software
Monthly ReportingMonthly ReportingMonthly Reporting
Onsite AuditOnsite AuditOnsite Audit
Onsite Report and ImplementationOnsite Report and ImplementationOnsite Report and Implementation
Conversion Optimization ReportConversion Optimization ReportConversion Optimization Report
Title, Description, DensityTitle, Description, DensityTitle, Description, Density
Index CheckIndex CheckIndex Check
Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics CheckGoogle Analytics CheckGoogle Analytics Check
G+ AuthorshipG+ AuthorshipG+ Authorship
Schema.org CheckSchema.org CheckSchema.org Check
Canonicalization CheckCanonicalization CheckCanonicalization Check
404 Error Check404 Error Check404 Error Check
Robots.txt & Sitemap ReviewRobots.txt & Sitemap ReviewRobots.txt & Sitemap Review
Website Copy Edits – 3 PagesWebsite Copy Edits – 7 PagesWebsite Copy Edits – 12 Pages
Content PlanContent PlanContent Plan
Onsite BlogOnsite BlogOnsite Blog
Articles – 3Articles – 4Articles – 7
Press Release -1Press Release -1
Video – 1
Inforgraphic – 1Inforgraphic – 1
Featured News – 1Featured News – 1
Business Quote – 1Business Quote – 1Business Quote – 1
Content SyndicationContent SyndicationContent Syndication
Article Syndication – 4Article Syndication – 5Article Syndication – 9
Featured News Placement – 1Featured News Placement – 1
RSS – 6RSS – 8RSS – 10
Social Sharing – 6Social Sharing – 8Social Sharing – 10
Twitter Sharing – 8Twitter Sharing – 8Twitter Sharing – 14
Press Release Syndication – 3Press Release Syndication – 3
Video Syndication – 3


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest ways to generate sales and leads online. We track conversions, calls, and optimize your account on an ongoing basis and provide monthly reports. This allows you to know your ROI and have a professional spend your budget effectively.

PPC management and optimization is a dream come true for marketers. John Wanamaker is famous for having said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” This problem is nonexistent in PPC because we collect data on everything. You will know the exact ROI on every penny you spend while working with our Google Certified PPC Management and Optimization Specialist.

Every decision our PPC management team makes is backed by scientific data that we use to proactively avoid pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities.

PPC advertising benefits:

  •  Target people searching for your products or services
  • Accumulate valuable data.
  •  Track data on conversions and phone calls to know your ROI.

Our blueprint for success with our PPC management services is our four step process: plan, execute, analyze, and optimize. This process helps you to build your business by generating leads, tracking your ROI, and recording call data for quality assurance. Contact us to schedule a free PPC account review or a free consultation.


Our social media management roles into our content generation very nicely for most customers. After we generate your own content and spread it out over all of the Web 2.0 platforms we handle the interactions with your fans / customers. Our team will participate in conversations to engage people and build your brand within their community.

Managing Social Interactions

Our team will monitor you social media channels for participation from fans or clients and engage them in a helpful way.

Becoming A Leader

The best users of social media don’t use the platform to self promote alone but they find usefull and relevant pieces of content that others in the industry are sharing and pass that on to there connections. Our team will seek out those other though leaders and share that content with your audience.







Anyone in business for the last 10 years has heard it a 1,000 times you need to have a blog. These days writing article for you blog just isn’t enough, you also need infographics, pins, shares, likes, and followers.


Good website design isn’t just about making things flashy by using the latest button or gif. We design websites that have your visitors in mind and make them feel welcome and engage with your brand.  We build websites that are run on WordPress a versatile Content Management System.


You have people coming to your website and that is great, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Do you know how many people are bouncing off your website though? If you could increase the amount of people that land and your homepage and click onto another link on your site from 20% to 50% wouldn’t that be great. CRO can be done to any page and ideally it should but the 2 most important pages are your home page and landing pages you might have. With our conversion rate optimization program we will take compare one page with an alternate page that we come up with and divide your traffice to see which one performs better. After the experiment is over we have a winner, from there you can either run another experiment on that page or start on a new one.


We use Optimizly to perform our conversion rate testing. Optimizly is the industrly leader for CRO testing software. After we install one line of code into your website it will give us instant access to run the tests we need to perform.


THE BEGINNER PACKAGE  $250 per month

we will test one page. At minimum we will run two different tests, but if your website recieves over 50 visitors per day we will be able to run more tests. Things we will test include button colors, Call-To-Actions, and header copy.


For 3 months we will test  2 pages.  Each page will run at least 12 tests, if your website recieves over 100 visitors per day we will be able to run more tests. In addition to testing button colors, Call-To-Actions, and hearder copy our content writers will also test your copy.


We started Stealth Lion to help business owners and marketing directors to manage their digital strategies. Of course there are thousands of companies out there that offer similar services but by focusing on transparency and communication we stand apart.